Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Waverunner Bait Boats Blog Page

Welcome to the new Waverunner bait boats blog page.
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  1. just like to say that this boat as improved my technique so much I can now fish all those hard to reach places where casting could never get you too my weekends away now are guaranteed to get me a least one good fish every session .
    spodding is a thing off the past for me

  2. Hi Paul,

    We are very please to hear that you like your Waverunner bait boat.
    please sent us some snaps of some of your catches for our web site, face book ect.
    tight lines.
    waverunner bait boats.

  3. i would like to say a big thankyou to waverunner for the service that they have given one of my clients that has been at edenslakes for 3 weeks and for sending out replacement parts for his new boat to us in france free of charge,fantastic service from the first telephone call to them,many thanks to all of your team
    DENE Edenslakes in France